Perfect Neapolitan pizzas start with perfect dough.

PROVEN Pizzeria | Authentic Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizzas

We’re in it for
the dough.

We believe if you’re going to do something then do it properly. So, we are committed to the authentic Neapolitan dough recipe and never compromise ingredients, methods or the time it takes to prove. As we say… perfect Neapolitan pizzas start with perfect dough. It’s been PROVEN.

It’s Neapolitan
or nothing.

If you’re already a lover of Neapolitan pizza then you’ll know what we’re talking about – the taste, the texture, the pillowy crust, the chew. There is nothing like it and once you’ve experienced Neapolitan pizza it’s difficult to enjoy any other.

Neapolitan wood fired pizzas are an art, something we passionately imitate and something we celebrate – it’s what makes our difference and means you get the authentic taste experience.

Finding us.

PROVEN Pizzeria
56 Newcastle Road,
Stone, Staffordshire.
ST15 8LB
T: 01785 817 007

Proven time.

Sunday to Thursday
12 noon– 10pm

Friday and Saturday
12noon – 11pm


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